Civil society support


Specialised in advocacy for human rights, rule of law and participation by underrepresented and historically marginalised groups, Manon provides the following services:

  • evaluation and research
  • proposal co-design, writing and assessment
  • learning and facilitation on participatory methods and inclusion:
    • outcome harvesting and other qualitative methodologies
    • inclusive management & advocacy along feminist principles 
    • gender equality, social inclusion and intersectionality
    • decolonising development: inclusive partnerships, equitable evaluations


In line with her mission to advance equity and inclusion on societal level, Manon supports civil society engagement in human rights protection and participation of underrepresented and historically marginalised groups. She combines a robust expertise in project management, rule of law, human rights and minority issues, and intercultural management and communication. Accordingly, she uses participatory methods to ensure that a wide range of stakeholders is fairly involved.

Closely following the debate on Shift the power within international not-for-profit cooperation, she also supports locally-led initiatives as a basis for Southern leadership and North-South equitable partnerships, and explores viable paths for post-development.


Evaluation & research

  • 3 evaluations commissioned by the OSCE: two baseline studies on women, peace and security, gender-based violence and women’s economic and environmental governance in the Western Balkans, Eastern Europe, South Caucasus and Central Asia; one final evaluation on women & water governance and diplomacy in Central Asia  
  • leading the final evaluation of a programme on sexual exploitation of children run by the Down to Zero Alliance in Asia and Latin America, commissioned by Terre des Hommes Netherlands
  • mid-term and final evaluation of the 5-year Mica programme towards eradication of child labour in the Indian mica mines,  commissioned by Terre des Hommes Netherlands
  • final evaluation of the Dutch MFA funded 4-year programme on human rights defenders in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia (Abkhazia), commissioned by the Netherlands Helsinki Committee

Proposal co-design, writing & assessment

  • shortlisted concept note for the EU System for an Enabling Environment for Civil Society (EU SEE) for Oxfam Novib; 
  • awarded EU EIDHR programme proposal on human rights defenders in Turkey; concept note on civic actions for freedoms, democracy and resilience in Serbia, North Macedonia, Armenia, Georgia and Moldova for the Netherlands Helsinki Committee (NHC) and the European Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ECNL); two awarded EU programme proposals on human rights defenders in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan for NHC

Training and facilitation

  • co-facilitating workshops on Consulting in times of Decolonisation of Aid and Shift the Power at Disrupt Development and Network
  • online training on minority mainstreaming (e.g. Rights-Based approach (RBA) and Gender Equity and Social Inclusion (GESI) in programming and grant making for the Europe foundation (EPF)
  • online advice sessions on a training on diversity management for Ukrainian officials Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) High Commissioner on National Minorities


“Manon has carried out an evaluation for one of the NHC's most delicate projects implemented across several countries with challenging environments in the OSCE area. Both the quality of her work, and attention to local sensitivities were highly estimated by our team members and external stakeholders. Manon is a very skilled writer and process manager. We recommend her highly for undertaking evaluations and impact assessments, including and especially in complex dynamic projects that require tailored approaches and in-depth context appreciation.”

Harry Hummel

Associate Policy Director at the Netherlands Helsinki Committee

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For information about Manon’s work with Ukrainian civil society, please see here