Bridging the language gap

Engaging her analytical rigour and strong affinity with languages, Manon offers the following services to produce high-quality texts:

  • translation from English, Dutch, Russian into French
  • editing and proofreading texts in French 
  • areas: news and business for broad audience,  international affairs and development, humanities and social  sciences
  • types of documents:
    •       policy papers
    •       academic articles 
    •       reports
    •       websites and more


For people living in different cultures and using different languages, an essential condition  to better understand each other is to bridge the language gap through reliable translation. Surely, translation softwares give you a first hint of what your interlocutor means. However, it is advisable to ask a professional to translate, edit and proofread your documents. Then you ensure that the message is entirely clear, reads smoothly, and potential misunderstandings are ironed out. 


Manon translates into French, which is her native language. For translations from Dutch into French, she bases her expertise on 20+ years experience of living and working in The Netherlands. Throughout her academic and international cooperation career, in which she has extensively used English in her daily work,  communication, and publications, she has regularly translated from English into French. Translation assignments from Russian into French, although less frequent, benefit from Manon’s Russian language studies, as well as her research, living, and working experience with Russians. 


Would you like documents in French to read more easily and present a better structure? Ask Manon to edit them and enhance clarity, flow, and style for a smooth understanding of the message you want to convey or to receive.  Whenever needed, she also ensures proofreading, which focuses on improving grammar, spelling and punctuation. 

The documents that Manon has translated, edited and proofread  bear on a wide range of topics and target various audiences, from the broadly oriented public and consumers to policy-makers, international development practitioners and researchers.

Manon’s profile on the translators’  professional platform  can be found here


  • translating from English and Dutch the website of a Belgian company in the mineral industry
  • translating from Dutch of most chapters of a book on the history of surgery in Belgium, commissioned by the Royal Belgian Society for Surgery 
  • editing a baseline report on Burkina Faso, within the framework of a programme funded by the Belgian development agency Enabel


Nous avons commandé à Manon pour l'Université de Neuchâtel une traduction d'un article scientifique en néerlandais de Johan Huizinga; nous avons trouvé son travail remarquable et il nous a été très utile dans les débats que nous avons dans un séminaire où il était question de ce grand historien.”

Alain Corbellari 

Professor at the Universities of Lausanne and Neuchâtel, Switzerland