Manon de Courten

International Cooperation

Achieving impact through equity and inclusion

Manon de Courten supports organisations for social impact through strategic consulting, learning trajectories, facilitation and lecturing.

Specialised in civil society work on human rights and rule of law, Manon co-designs and evaluates programmes for effective and meaningful engagement. In particular, she facilitates Global South leadership and ownership through equitable partnerships and inclusion of underrepresented groups.

In her lectures, Manon presents methods addressing and dismantling the power dynamics that still underlie the global development system.

Fluent in 4 languages, she translates into French, her native language. Her activities span over the EU’s Eastern neighbours, her primary region of expertise, and beyond.

baseline, mid-term, end-term evaluation

proposal co-design, writing, and assessment

learning and facilitation

human rights 

rule of law

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Civil society


The EU’s eastern fringe  

Eastern Europe

Western Balkans

Southern Caucasus


Central Asia

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and inclusion

feminist principles


cultural dynamics

decolonising development

anchoring in The Hague

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the language gap

translation from English, Dutch and Russian into French

proofreading and editing texts in French

policy documents, academic articles, reports, and more

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Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, which became evident with the annexation of Crimea in 2014, has escalated into a devastating war. Since 24 February 2022,  it is shaking the whole continent and has repercussions worldwide. For many of us,  the once so promising era that had opened with the fall of the Berlin wall has collapsed.   Read more